February 2021

HyFly is very proud to be part of the SAFIR-Med (Safe and Flexible Integration of Advanced U-space Services for medical Air Mobility) Project. HyFly will, together with the consortium partners, be responsible for demonstration flights in Antwerp and the MAHHL region.

January 2021

Intelligent Energy collaboration partner of GKN Aerospace in development of ground-breaking hydrogen propulsion system for aircraft

  • GKN Aerospace leads £54M collaborative H2GEAR programme, to push hydrogen technology and accelerate aerospace decarbonisation to zero emissions
  • Public-private investment and collaboration aims to create more than 3,000 UK roles
  • Entry-into-service of hydrogen-powered aircraft could be as early as 2026
  • Intelligent Energy aims to make East Midlands a centre of UK fuel cell manufacturing with expanded presence
  • Project will put Intelligent Energy, GKN Aerospace and the programme partners at the forefront of the next generation of sustainable aircraft technology.

Intelligent Energy, the UK based fuel cell engineering company, has been selected to develop and manufacture its lightweight and compact fuel cells for a ground-breaking UK collaboration programme, H2GEAR. The programme will develop a hydrogen propulsion system for sub-regional aircraft, the first for lead partner GKN Aerospace. Hydrogen is expected to play a key role in the decarbonisation strategy of aviation as it can power aircraft efficiently, leaving water as the only by-product. H2GEAR puts GKN Aerospace, Intelligent Energy and their partners at the heart of the technology developments needed for the future of more sustainable aviation. The technology will first focus on significantly improving sub-regional aircraft hydrogen powered performance, in turn enabling applications on larger aircraft and longer journeys. The programme is supported by £27M of ATI funding, matched by GKN Aerospace, Intelligent Energy and the programme partners.

H2GEAR aims to develop a liquid hydrogen propulsion system for sub-regional aircraft that could be scaled up to larger aircraft. Liquid hydrogen is being converted to electricity within a fuel cell system. This electricity efficiently powers the aircraft, eliminating CO2 emissions. This would create a new generation of clean air travel, eliminating harmful CO2 emissions.

 H2GEAR will reinforce the UK’s position at the forefront of aerospace technology research and development. Intelligent Energy and GKN Aerospace will collaborate with Aeristech, Newcastle University, The University of Manchester and University of Birmingham throughout the programme, aiming to create more than 3,000 jobs in the next decade. The programme will be delivered from GKN Aerospace’s Global Technology Centre in Bristol, the company’s £32M brand-new collaborative space for research and development.

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November 2020

Proud to be part of this exciting project in which we supply the Intelligent Energy Fuel Cell Systems and provide Engineering Support to Koedood Dieselservice:

June 12th 2020

Supporting a consortium of Dutch companies and knowledge institutes, HyFly has contributed to the development of a hydrogen propulsion system for a fast Rib (Rigid hull Inflatable Boat) withe the objective of creating a clean coach boat for sailors. As sailing is a clean sport, the Dutch Sailing Federation as well as the International Sailing Federation have set the goal to only use zero emission support boats from 2030.

A test setup of the propulsion system, including an Intelligent Energy FCM801 Fuel Cell System, was presented in Scheveningen, and the aim is to have a full scale hydrogen powered Rib available for the World Sailing Championships in 2022 which will be held in Scheveningen.

Test- setup contains a Green Hydrogen Storage Cylinder (Holthausen), a Fuel Cell System (Intelligent Energy), a Battery and an Electric Outboard Motor (Torqeedo). The motor is placed in a water basin to test the propulsion system.

June 10th 20

Following our joint Message the city council of Drachten decided to keep Drachten Airport open. In the next months plans will be made, HyFly will advise to facilitate developments for Drones and General Aviation with a strong focus on Innovation and Sustainability.