Last Friday we showed our HyFly H510 and H405 at the Wind meets Gas event at Groningen Airport Eelde.

At the very successful @North event we presented the HyFly H510 for our launching customers Provincie Groningen and Drone Delivery Services to the public.

Last week we exhibited at the Amsterdam Drone Week, also know as ‘ADW Hybrid’. We are looking back on a successful event, where we shared our new HyFly H510 with the public for the first time.

HyFly will exhibit at ADW Hybrid 2023, from March 21st to 23rd. At this three day event, we would like to showcase our solution for a clean and sustainable future for air transportation of goods.

At the moment we’re working tirelessly on the very first HyFly H510, together with our technology partners. Watch this video to see what we did so far.

Flying from the rooftop of St-Augustinus Hospital for SAFIR-Med

In a previous post we reported about the UAV traffic deconflicting demonstration for SAFIR-Med. In this post we’d like to show you what we did.

HyFly inspires at Deltion College Zwolle

Today Vincent Jassies & Rick Boerma were at Deltion College in Zwolle at the ‘dag van de luchtvaart’ event.

HyFly demonstration flight at Antwerp

HyFly took part in a joint deconflicting demonstration for SAFIR-Med, at the Sint-Augustinus hospital in Antwerp.

Drone Delivery Services purchases hydrogen drone from HyFly

Breaking Barriers: Drone Delivery Services BV purchases Europe’s first hydrogen drone for medical transport.

Showcasing our UAV to the Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander De Croo

Showcasing our UAV to the Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander De Croo during the SAFIR-Med project executive event.