We are HyFly, developing a hydrogen powered VTOL drone with tandem tilt wing configuration. The need for urgent transportation of medical goods over larger distances requires propulsion systems with higher energy density than current battery systems.

We choose to use green hydrogen as the energy source for our UAV. Our next generation UAV will become a circular design of which parts and materials can be re- used at the UAV end of life.


We are proud to be one of the manufacturers to provide a UAV platform for the demonstration flights at Droneport, Antwerp and Aachen. Our vision is to integrate with the operator to the extend that we can offer a complete solution for medical transportation, including automatic flight authorization and cargo handling.

Making good progress towards full transition to forward flight and back, almost there!

We work with our project partners to integrate the operation of long distance medical flights in urban environment. We perform extensive risk assessments to ensure these risks are mitigated resulting in safe demonstration flights. One of the mitigations is the on- board parachute recovery system that is triggered automatically in case of a forced landing.

BVLOS project SNN

Long range operation requires the drone to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) of the drone pilot. In fact, the drone will be operated from a Command & Control centre where a drone pilot will monitor several drones simultaneously and only interacts in case of anomality.

Regular operation will not require interaction with the pilot. To achieve this, HyFly started a project with to develop the technologies necessary for BVLOS operation like Precision Landing, secure data link, on board camera systems for situational awareness, Parachute Recovery System etc.