Production update of the world’s first hydrogen powered tandem tilt wing VTOL drone: The HyFly H510

At the moment we’re working tirelessly on the very first HyFly H510, together with our technology partners Orange Aerospace, Sovereign Autonomous Systems and Intelligent Energy. The carbon composite fuselage and wings have been finished and assembled, the motors have been installed and the hydrogen system has been integrated. We’re looking forward to the first flight for our launching customers The Province of Groningen and Drone Delivery Services (DDS).

With the capability of transporting a payload of 10 kg over a distance of 120 km in a little more than one hour, we are setting a new standard. The HyFly H510 is the best choice for emission free air transportation of goods, without the need for a large take-off and landing area or runway.

Are you curious about how the HyFly H510 can help your operation expand into a clean and sustainable future and deliver goods in a way no other aircraft can? Get in contact with us, we’re looking forward to assist you!