Hydrogen Powered VTOL Drone


HyFly Develops a Hydrogen Powered VTOL Drone with a 10kg payload capability and a range of more than 100km. Targeted applications are inspections over long distances currently performed by helicopter, as well as medical supplies between hospitals. The drone and the propulsion concept are very well suited to be scaled up for larger drones and aircraft. Our aim is to provide a sustainable alternative for fossil fuel powered planes, helicopters and drones. In 2020 we have flown our prototype that is under development with the support of the European Union EFRO fund.

We are a proud partner in the SAFIR-Med project, where we are responsible for demonstration flights in Antwerp and the MAHHL region.

HyFly provides Project Management, Consultancy and Engineering support for the application of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells systems in UAV, Aircraft and Marine propulsion, Static Energy Supply and more.

HyFly represents Intelligent Energy in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.

Hydrogen Powered VTOL Drone

Pieter Lantermans

Rick Boerma
Head of Engineering, Manufacturing & Technology

Phone: +316 48 33 95 27
Email: Info@HyFly.tech

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