Hydrogen Powered VTOL Drone

More than 12 years of experience in aerospace innovations, with a drive to enhance sustainability in aviation. Convinced that Hydrogen powered fuel cell systems will enable zero emission flight. Developing a long range high payload VTOL drone aimed at Drone Delivery.

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What we do

HyFly inspires at Deltion College Zwolle

HyFly inspires at Deltion College Zwolle

Today Vincent Jassies & Rick Boerma were at Deltion College in Zwolle at the 'dag van de luchtvaart' event.
HyFly demonstration flight at Antwerp

UAV traffic deconflicting demonstration for SAFIR-Med

HyFly took part in a joint deconflicting demonstration for SAFIR-Med, at the Sint-Augustinus hospital in Antwerp.
Drone Delivery Services purchases hydrogen drone from HyFly

Drone Delivery Services purchases drone from HyFly

Breaking Barriers: Drone Delivery Services BV purchases Europe's first hydrogen drone for medical transport.